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heelsandstakes: ◒ - While making pizza, our muses can’t agree on a topping.


                   ❝ Okay. Well, I don’t eat meat, so we can’t put anything ——
                      meaty —— on there. I’d suggest half and half, but the meat
                      might get mixed into the sauce and….. I can’t do it. 


                      How about pineapples? 

                                            I’m going out on a limb, here. Kiwi?

                       [ she might not be taking this seriously: but, honestly, it’s a pizza baking class. her nose and cheeks are sprinkled white with flour, and the teacher herself has already thrown her a glance because of her tomato puns. she doesn’t have much dignity left to begin with. 

        what did the bread dough say to the tomato? don’t get saucy with me. ]

“…and the weight of the earth is pressed to my ribs.”

— Virginia Woolf, The Waves  (via days-of-reading) —

I have a computer again!!!!

Now without water.

I definitely want to become more active again this autumn. I’m looking forward to roleplaying with you all. ❤ 

Quick notice.

About a week ago I managed to get water into my computer. It should hopefully be fully restored next week. But, as for now, I’m computer-less — and to a high degree, tumblr-less.

Hold your thumbs for me. I love you all a whole lot.

I should be back soon, hopefully.

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Thank you!! This made me smile. Come here. <3


favourite buffy x tara moments


          “It’s — ugh, it’s much harder than it looks. Trust me,” Dawn assured, pulling hopelessly at the evil peanut butter jar lid.


"—-Careful. If you keep lying like that, your nose is going to start growing."

                             ( Not her best quip, maybe. But she had her still fresh patrol to blame: a familiar ache was already pressing into her back, along with the mingled dust on her shoulder and the signs of dirt on her left cheek.

Not bruised, but battered.

She watched Dawn from the kitchen counter with warmth: a soft, easy expression making her smirk look equal parts affectionate and teasing. )

                                                       ”Want some help with that?”


Anything - Shawn Clement, Sean Murray ft. Cari Howe

Take me over, I’m lying down,
Giving in to you.
I’m a hurricane,
I can’t describe this feeling.
Now that I’ve found this love,
I’d do anything for you.
Now that I’ve found this love.


btvsone relationship

slayer + watcher

" the slayer slays. the watcher… "  

" watches? "